Lesser Flamingo Event - an Africa first

Thursday 30th May 2019 saw another milestone reached when no less than 20 Lesser Flamingos which were raised by the Zoo and Aquarium community in conjunction with a private entity, were fitted with GPS tracking devices. It was also the first time that this quantity of tracking devices had been fitted to a single species in one day within Africa. This was all made possible with research funding from BCRE and expertise from Raptor Rescue. The event took place in Kimberley at the SPCA and PAAZA quarantine facility which is located on the SPCA premises. The Long-term monitoring data collection and analysis is being conducted under Sol Plaatje and Nelson Mandela Universities. Once released, weekly updates will be posted here. Both the forementioned activities are in accordance with relevant permits and using Scientific Authority approved devices.

For the Marine people, you can follow the latest satellite tagged Turtle by clicking here.

15 July 2019 (group and "fly aways")

8 July 2019 (group and "fly aways")

5 July 2019 (group and "fly aways")

1st July 2019 (group and "fly aways")

28 June 2019 (group and "fly aways")

23 June 2019 (group and "fly aways")

20 June 2019 (group)

18 June 2019, first fly away (group - top, single - bottom)

16 June 2019 (group)

13 June 2019 (group)

11 June 2019, 10h00 (group)

First 72 hours (group)

First 48 hours, group (left), single (right)

We moved to the wild the 7th June 2019